Meet The Team

Lauren Barnes – Marketing, Sales and Sponsorship Lead

  • Experience with promotional content for social media.
  • Experience working at food festivals and light trail events.
  • Experience adapting events with government guidelines connected to COVID-19.

Iola Roberts – Finance and Administration Lead

  • Experience working at a variety of music events and festivals.
  • Have been responsible for handling large amounts of money.
  • My work history has left me with a large skill set in customer service.

Megan Bunting – Event Design and Planning Lead

  • Project managed events at Wildlife Experience Agency.
  • Experience in corporate virtual events and has an understanding of how the different platforms work.
  • Experience in the structure of events when I was an intern at Tramlines Festival.

Edel Egan – Operation, Health and Safety Lead

  • Pre-production planning and venue management as an Events and Tourism assistant.
  • Experience as a production co-ordinator for short films – risk assessments, staffing costs.
  • Festival assistant for Cinemagic film festival – Kits and Equipment for events.