The Art of Murder – A Virtual Murder Mystery

Saturday 20th March 2021

The event starts at 7:30 PM


Virtual murder mystery event raising money for the Museums Sheffield charity.

  • 18+
  • Tickets are sold per device (Zoom Screen)
  • You can work with your household to solve the case.
  • OR If you are separated from other potential detectives and still want to work together to crack the case, you can still work together in a team, we will give you a chance to specify who you would like on your team on the night.


Do you think of yourself as a bit of a detective? Think you have what it takes to bring justice to those who have committed a terrible wrong? Well, The Art of Murder virtual murder mystery event could be just for you! This event will immerse you into a 1920’s world in which a murder has been committed! We need your help to solve this case!

This event is going to commence via zoom due to Covid-19 restrictions. But not to worry as actors playing the suspects will provide you with a truly immersive experience! Your role is detective! (Don’t worry, no acting is required on your part!). Your task is to solve puzzles and decipher clues to uncover who the culprit is. You will have the opportunity to earn your chance to interrogate the suspects live in their holding cells, by competing against other attendees to be the first to complete the puzzles. You will be sent an event hamper, (included in the price of the ticket), which supplies you with vital evidence and sets the 1920’s theme for the evening! 🕵️‍♀️

The occasion is an art auction when the owner of the gallery, Walter Maddison, is tragically poisoned. The killer must be one of the 6 suspects at the auction who all had the opportunity and motive… So who was it…?

We are an events company made up of four final year students studying Events Management. For our final project, we have been tasked to create an event that can safely work around the pandemic restrictions all in aid of charity. So, not only will you be helping to achieve justice, but you will also be helping to support the arts during this pandemic as we are working closely with the charity Museums Sheffield. Your contribution will significantly help Museums Sheffield to continue their amazing work with the local community with all profits of the event being donated to this charity.

Like many businesses, the arts sector has struggled a great amount due to the pandemic including Museums Sheffield. Nearly ⅓ of the charities’ money is generated through visitors to the museum’s cafes and shops which has not been possible for the past year. This has caused uncertainty for the charity and whether they can carry on with their free events such as the dementia cafes to help support the elderly and death cafes offering support to those who are grieving.

Included in the ticket:

  • Access to the event on one screen of your choosing via Zoom.
  • An event hamper full of clues, puzzles, evidence and props to help get you in the 1920s spirit (Postage is included in the price of the ticket).
  • Opportunities for you to interrogate the suspects in their holding cell.
  • There is a prize for the winning team!

*Please note that any tickets purchased outside of the UK will be sent a digital download of all clues and puzzles included in the hamper rather than a physical box.

*The ticket allows one screen to gain access to the event so you can attend with your household, family or support bubble. If you are separated from your detective friends due to the pandemic but still want to crack the case together, there will be opportunities to work as a group just drop us an email prior to the event and let us know so you can be placed together when necessary! (Each screen will have to purchase their own ticket).